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Best Cup Of Butter Coffee Ever

If you have been online for the last two years then you must have heard about Dave Asprey, the Bulletproof Executive. Well Dave has come up with an amazing concept that has made him famous online called his bulletproof coffee.

Bulletproof Coffee ReviewsThis food experiment involves ditching the normal milk and sugar in your favourite cup of java and instead throwing into the mix some grass fed butter, MCT oil from coconuts and some high end coffee beans that are free from molds called mycotoxins. Yes I did say butter in your coffee mug instead of cream or milk. Remember butter is basically cream that has been churned with the buttermilk poured off leaving butter. Once you can get over the thought of butter then you’ll love the stuff. Bulletproof Upgraded coffee tastes great, makes you feel not hungry to help manage your weight and feel full of energy for the morning. Yup that was basically my bulletproof coffee review in a nutshell for you. So go ahead I dare you to try a cup for yourself and start biohacking your health.